Will a GTS250 fit inside a Thermaltake V3

Hi Guys
I'm planning to get a Thermaltake V3 which comes with a 450W PSU
And I kinda feel the size of the case is small , what do you think ?
Will this case be fine for a Gainward GTS 250 which is 9 inches in Length ?
And also how is the air flow ?
And I don't know about the PSU Performance on the rails ?
I plan to use another PSU about 500 - 600 watts since I'm very very tight on budget
I hope that will be enough if I OC the CPU to 4 Ghz :D
Can you suggest which one to go for ?

Here's my config :hello:

Intel Core i5 - 750
Asus P7P55D-E
Hitachi SATA HDD
TV Tuner Card
4 GB DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaws (2000 MHz)
Gainward GTS 250 1024MB
3 120mm Fans
1 120mm LED FAN

Please tell me if you have any suggestions
Your feedback would be greatly appreciated
Thank-you :)
Happy New Year :pt1cable:
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  1. Hey and here's the default Thermaltake v3 450watts PSU details


    I cant find the rail details
    Sorry but can you please help me with that as well
    Cheers :)

  2. truestblue said:

    I cant find the rail details
    Sorry but can you please help me with that as well

    Under the specifications tab.
    Low end Thermaltake power supplies aren't very good.
  3. I use the cooler master realpower m520, really good quiet and cheap supply. using it with an OC, (and see my config for others) under else a gts250.

    case looks fine for size and airflow, but if your so tight on budget why do you throw out the included PSU. buy a case without a psu thats a little nicer, and of higher quality. I have a similar case to that and I HATE THE DESIGN. yes its easy to work with but it feels so cheap and the HDD mounts are ***. I got it and the moment i started building with it the backside started bending and AARGH i got really pissed off.

    anyways sorry had to say that I dont want ppl to make the wrong choises as I did.

    hihi, I got an Antec mini p180, and i LOVE IT!!! best case ever
  4. Hey thanks a lot for the information
    No your absolutely right
    But somehow I just love the looks of that cabinet and the front LED Lights
    I'm not going for a cabinet with a higher PSU cause they are too expensive
    It makes more sense getting this cause it costs me AUS $79 with the PSU.
    And a 500w PSU like Thermaltake Litepower,Coolermaster Extreme Power,Vantec ION costs $65
    I can get like $30 for the 450W PSU if i sell it
    Well any advice which case to go for with a 500w PSU ?
    Is anyone using the Thermaltake v3 and how is the body inside ???
    Cheers :)
  5. Hey another thing
    Is it advisable to have the PSU on top or down ?
    I find it very strange having the PSU down
  6. cooler master realpower m520 or m620 etc. cant find it on newegg though. strange I've seen it there
  7. Here's the link on the coolermaster website

  8. na I use this one:


    its modular and very good. Modular is the reason I have it because of my mini p180, (a pain with lots of unused cables)
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