3-Pin to 4-Pin Fan Adapter Cable on H60?

Instead of plugging the corsair H60 into my mobo, can i use two 3-Pin to 4-Pin mulex Fan Adapter Cables for the pump and fan? Reason being is that they are both 3 pin and i only have 4 pin headers on my mobo
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    i think if you plug them into molex then you may have a problem as the bios will think the pump and fan are not

    working--this may cause non boot or a shutdown

    you can plug the 3 pin into the 4 pin header on the motherboard--just cant use pwm control
  2. so i can go into my bios and turn off the smart fan feature which gives pwm control and it should work? the 3 pins just plug into the 4 pin leaving one pin empty?
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  4. Just to be clear:

    You need to have the pump plugged into the cpu fan header and have it at default setting in the bios.

    The fan(s) you can plug into a header on your mobo, a molex plug (using an adapter) or a fan controller. Up to you.
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