Weird Blurry and Pixelated icons on PC

Hi guys!

First of all, thank you for your time and reading about my annoying problem. Lets just get down to the point: All my desktop icons are pixelated and blurry, some icons dont even have their "original form" they dont even look like icons anymore. I dont know where is the problem, I tried to re-select resolution from the lowest to the highest, I've also changed from 16-bit to 32 bit screen and nothing doesnt seem to change. Sometimes when I turn off the computer and turn it on again, I have a normal screen-Desktop and after a while, the problem occurs again. Sometimes when I try to watch a movie through PC-TV I get this green lines showing and its tottally unwatchable, and this problem occurs everytime I see the icon of "BSPLAYER" is blurry and pixelated, otherwise its working fine.

Also heres a picture of my problem, so you can understand it clearly:

If anyone has any idea what the solution to my problem is, please share, cause its really annoying :cry: :(
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