Will it run cool in or out of a case?

I have a PC case but i removed my stuff from it and setup my computer on a table. I thought that would cool the computer than when it is inside a case. Am i right?

As i said earlier i have everything setup on a table. And i kept a table fan to cool it.

My question is will it run cooler inside a case or on a table?

Im overclocking and folding too.

Here are some tests i did

My spec
Q6600 2.4GHZ (stock speed)
2GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz
HIS 4650 512MB
ASUS DVD writer

*All the temp readings in these tests are in celcius.

These tests were done in a room without an AC. the room temp is usually between 25-30

1. First i kept everything on a table(tabletop setup) and kept a table fan running at full speed (i kept this table fan because many of u said that some parts need moving air)intel stock cooler for the CPU. zalman isilence heatsink for the GPU. The computer was tested in idle state and full load state for 15min each. I used HW monitor to check temps.

idle test
core temps
Core 1= min- 39 , max- 48
Core 2= min- 39 , max- 48
Core 3= min- 34 , max- 46
Core 4= min - 36 , max - 47

GPU temps
min - 35 , max- 38

100% load test (prime95 small FFTs)
core temps
core 1= max - 72
core 2= max - 72
core 3=max - 66
core 4=max- 68

GPU temps
min -35 , max-39

2. Then i assembled everything in my case. Its an ATX case. Had the stock CPU cooler. fixed a fan on top of the zalman cooler for the GPU. 2 intake fans at the front. 1 exhaust fan at the back. The computer was tested in idle state and full load state for 15min each.

idle state
core temps
core 1= min- 45 , max- 51
core 2= min- 45 , max- 51
core 3= min- 39 , max- 47
core 4= min- 42 ,max- 48

GPU temp
min -38 , max -40

100% load test (prime 95 small FFts)
core temps
core 1= max- 74
core 2= max- 73
core 3= max- 68
core 4=max - 70

GPU temps
min - 38 , max- 43

So during these test i found that when the computer is inside the case the temps are higher than when its on a table.

what do u think now?
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  1. Leave it in the case. It's too easy to damage components setup on the table. Your max temps are still within spec in the case.
  2. Agreed. The difference is not great enough to leave your hardware on the table where it could be damaged easily.
    Remember that cases are not just for cooling your hardware, but to protect it as well.
  3. Yes those temps are without overclocking. But im planning to overclock. Then wont those temps rise?
  4. yes, temps will rise when you OC.

    but having it outside the case is a bad idea. cases exist not only to prevent damage, but to encourage airflow in a very specific way. by having a steady flow of air through the case, ther heat is evenly dissipated. having it all hang out will be very bad for airflow, and thus your temperatures will not be good.

    in your case, i see it hasnt worked out like that. most likely because you have too few fans in your case. i assure you though, that a good case with plenty of fans will be much more effiecent that having the compoents out in the open.
  5. Also remember that the temperatures outside the case are better because you have a high airflow fan blowing on them, if you got higher airflow case fans your temps would be better in the case.
  6. Your load temps for case are a little high. Better than stock CPU cooling will help that.

    Also, the high temps seem to indicate that you have an airflow problem with your case.

    Two of my systems:
    GA-EP45-UD3P | C3 Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (425 MHz X 8.5) | TRUE | Load temps 58 - 61 C @ 1.3625 volts
    GA-EP45-UD3L | G0 Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (400 MHz X 9) | Xig Dark Knight | Load temps 61 - 66 C @ 1.425 volts
    Both in Antec 900 cases.
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