AMD Phenom II X6 1055T

Its currently 2.8 GHz i would like to hit 3.2, i've never tried or thought of overclocking before i dont have much of a great understanding of how to but im willing to learn! I thought at first using easytune6 i could have it autoclocked but unfortunatly i dont own the black edition. I have a cpu cooler 120cc so i think it should be fine correct?? Easytune6 may not be the way most of you do overclocks but i think its the easyiest way for me to start learning. If anyone knows how to use it i could please use your advise and help. I slide the bars over just dont know how far and what it would take to hit 3.2 or even a very slight 3.0 any input would be greatly appriciated.
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  1. use this guide what board do u have?
  2. Just go to the Tweaker Menu in your BIOS, all you're gonna do is to change the FSB to 229 instead of 200, leave anything else at stock values and you're done. Watch the Core Temperatures and do a stress test if you pass a 30 minutes without any problem you're stable forever.

    You can push it to 3.5, 250 FSB instead of 200.
  3. iLysami, should i disable the performace core boost? What about amd quiet and cool disable that? CIE disable? I just want to make sure with you before i give it a go thanks for your input guys. It just seems that moving the FSB "only" didnt make any sense and seemed a little too easy im probably wrong but shoot my man.
  4. Yes you should disable the Turbo Boost, AMD C1E & i left Cool n Quite enabled, it will reduce the Core clock and Voltages when the CPU is IDLE, but leave it disabled for now until you have no issues.

    It's just the FSB only now, if you're gonna OC further you're gonna change other settings.

    And i forgot to tell you, leave the memory divider to 5.33
  5. 3.2 is very little overclock .. just increase FSB 230
  6. Depends on your RAMs ... AMD sweet spots:

    240MHz -- DDR3 1600
    250MHz -- DDR3 1333

    You simply drop the memory divider one notch and raise the system clock as noted. Your memory will be operating at spec speed. You may then experiment with your CPU multiplier to find your happy place.

    As noted - disable Turbo. Lock your PCIe to 100MHz and keep your HT link speed in the 2000MHz-range.

    Bump your NB volts to 1.25v and run your IMC/NB at 2400-2500MHz.

    edit --- I generally have no issues with leaving C&Q enabled ....
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