Overclock and turbo

Cpu in question is a I7 920. w/5850 gamer.

ive read the reports of how overclocking is better then turbo, more or less.

we agree 920 are being pushable to 4g. with tubro off.

now i ask why dont we mild overclock the 920, to like 3.5ghz, then let the turbo on to take it too 4ghz as needed?

As an option to OC to 4ghz and let it stay there? Is this even an option?
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  1. so, mild overclock and turbo combined is not good idea?

    and yes i have ddr3 1600 memory.

    honest the part are still in UPS trucks on way to me. so not yet tested or tryed to OC.

    but i do not plan to hardcore clock anything. im happy with a minor boast.
  2. heatsink is a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103055

    offtopic i plan to place this 90degrees so it faces upwards, and blow the air right out the roof of my case. under the idea that heat rises. and use other fans to cool the northbridge.

    not sure what a DO is?
  3. On my son's box, we have a 24/365 OC profile at 3.7 GHz w/ everything on......was able to get several BCLK's higher at 1.125 voltage than at 1.350 voltage.

    Gaming Profile is at 4.2 Ghz w/ Turbo and HT off.
  4. yep, be here on the 4th.

    case is a


    i like the sideways drives, this way i can run the cables underside much cleaner. i hate WIRES.~!

    power supply is bottom located, help clean wires up more.

    also i like the neat under cpu fan , neato feature. case might be abit thin, but hell im not gonna be holding as walls up with it. had to steal a cpufan of an old athlon 64 cuase it was soo tiny spacing.

    ( i got the case already)
  5. i only had 1 large fan, i mounted on the rooftop.

    i had 6 normal size fans, 1 being orange. so i mounted 5 fans on the door holes. then covered the gaps with some papperish fill. kinda looks tacky, not sure if ill keep it. maybe ill end up buying two more large fans.

    ive already blocked of the other side holes. don't need unfiltered air entering the case.

    atm i got 5 normal fans and 1 small cpu fan and 2 huge fans blowing out, and 1 large fan sucking at the front.
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