Decent Graphics on a budget

Alright guys, I only have $50-75 dollars to spend on a graphics card.

I'm looking for something that can run games such as Fallout 3, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Halo 2, and similar games.

I was thinking about this one:

System specs:
1TB Hard drive
2.5ghz Quad-core processor

with Windows 7

I'll be running it with a 20' HD LCD 16:9 Wide screen Monitor

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  1. Id try saving up a little bit more..

    The 9600 would definitely not be future proofing your system.

    Id say go for atleast a ATI 4770 or ATI 4850.. Atleast
    The XFX 4870 is also a great price too. < ATI 4850
  2. Double isn't a little bit more, I have a budget that I have to stick to.
  3. Well then i advise you to wait.

    Whats the use in cheaping out on yourself? Especially if you will have to upgrade soon afterwards.

    The 9600 was a good card maybe a 1 1/2 years ago.. It has aged.

    Also the 4850 is only 25$ more then your 75$ ceiling. .. Your saying you cannot wait until you get 25$ more? For something that is ALOT better?
  4. I don't plan on upgrading every year, or like 3-4 for that matter.

    All I'm looking for is something that will play the above mentioned games and games similar without many problems for a decent price
  5. Oh yeah, the memory in the computer is DDR2
  6. Look at this one too

    Cheaper after the rebate.

    Those cards should be ok on those games depending on resolution. Consider an ATI 4670, about the same costs as those before rebates, but does not require an extra power connector, so if you aare lucky you may not need to upgrade your power supply as well.
  7. To stick with you max $75 budget I recommend a Radeon HD 4670. It is a little more powerful than the 9600 GSO, and is a little slower than the 9600 GT.

    See link below to get an idea how it performs in games, it's a bit dated, then again you are buying a older card.

    Knock off about 10% from the 1280 x 1024 benchmarks because 1600 x 900 has about 10% more pixels to push.
  8. I second the above statement. The fact that you didnt describe your power supply means you probably dont want a card that needs extra power.

    The card above is at the top end of cards that wont require a power upgrade so would be a good deal. The 1 gb version is available for nearly the same price.

    or you could consider this one:

    Its at the top end of your price range, but I think it would be a little bit better. (most 9800s require a power connector, but this one is nerfed so that it doesnt)

    Any one else want to jump in and tell me if im right? I am considering buying this card too.
  9. k
  10. cool
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