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First time poster, and let me get striaght to the chase;

I've recently made my way into the PC world, and found that some video games meet my criteria. As my most anticipated game is favoured Battlefield Bad Company 2, I want to upgrade my computer to the next stage. Upgrading my gsu, psu and possibly my cooling system if anyone here recommends that. I'd only started learning about some computer components for the last week or so. So I don't really have all the knowledge about the spec's and how the quality is better and how the numbers work. But since then I'd been notified about getting a better psu since my original psu isn't enough to keep the system stable. So basically i'm trying to turn this computer into a high performance gaming computer

I've heard good things about Antec, OCZ, Corsair, XFX and so on. But i'm still confussed about what kind of in-depth things I need to be concerned about, when dealing with psu's. Amperage, quality, MTBF, PFC, ball bearing fans, solid capacitors etc. , things like that I got no idea when it comes to my needs / the appropriate numbers to keep my system stable.

My upgrade will contain adding another Radeon 4870 HD into my system, so dos things like crossfire and i7 have to be included into my psu aswell? I'm confussed and I would expriciate some help to steer me into the right direction before I look into the possibly psu that I want to purchase.

And If adding another gsu and a larger psu, I was wondering about the amount of space aviable in ratio to hardware space taken up. So the less room, the more the temperture will rise through work & friction and all. So should I be worried about the amount of room the case has with both of these upgrades ?
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  1. Well I don't know my current PSU, but i'd reserached PSU's related to my computer's model an it was 500W on the PSU.

    I don't really know how to figure out my cpu cooler, i've tried to see how to check it on the internet but no matter how I phrase the statement or question nothing will come out except cpu cooler reviews.

    The Case Model is FX6800-01e other than that I can't determine because PC wizard won't give me nothing about the Chassis, CPU cooler nore the PSU

    So it seems like I'm gunna have to slip my computer open and do some hardware seeking ? Had been recommended a 700 - 850 W supply
  2. D_ii_4_I3_L_o said:

    The Case Model is FX6800-01e

    That's the computer model, it's a Gateway.
    Don't know what psu they use , but the 500 watt rating is "peak power", so it's probably good for around 425 continuous.
    The specs say 1 PCIE x 16 slot, so no adding a second card.
  3. Is thats 100% fact. I actually mixed it up. When i run dxdiag and PC wizard it shows it as FX6800-01e but when I look on top of my case it says Model : FX6800-03h

    I had gone to gateways website and the FX6800-01e that is on the website isn't the same as mine.

    Is there a way to check out on PC wizard if my mobo is 1 PCIE x 16 Slot
  4. download http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php

    it should give the info needed
  5. Belarc Advisor cann also pull in a few tidbits of information.

    I don't hold much hope for upgrading an old gateway, other than perhaps saving an optical drive .... and maybe the HD for an external HD in a new build.
  6. Two websites that i've found to give a more direct steer into my pc :


    http://www.*****/forum/computer-hardware-consumer-electronics/14809-gateway-core-i7-fx6800-03h-futureshop-1599-a-2.html {with pictures down the thread}

    ----------------------------- EDIT ---------------------------------------------------------

    just downloaded cpu-z, and it didnt tell me 1.0 x 16 or 2.0 x 16, side width is blank
  7. JackNaylorPE said:

    I don't hold much hope for upgrading an old gateway.

    It's got a Core I7 in it, can't be to old.
  8. Everything I've seen says that the -03h is dual card capable.
  9. it is dual card compatable. I was looking at that exact model when i was shopping for my comp in late summer (when prices were to high to warrant me building it myself).

    I suggest you get a 700-800watt PSU wih at least 50amps on the 12v rails.
    I currently have 2 gtx 260d plus a mild oc i7 at 3.43 on a corsair tx750.

    Word of thumb with PSU's are their 12v rail amp's, quality manufacturer (corsair, thermaltake, antec etc), reviews.
  10. Alright thanks for the input, I did get shook & confussed when I was told it's 1.0 x 16 PCIE.

    But before I go do my homework, & research for the best 3 psu's, I was still confussed if my PSU should be Crossfire & i7 {compatable ? i guess ?}

    Here's a sample link for a better statement


    80 plus
    i7 Power Supply

    I'm basically asking if those are recommended to be with the psu
  11. thats a good PSU but i'd personally bump it up to a 750wat just for assurance for any oc'ing you might do later on. theres never too much of anything in this world!
  12. This would be a good PSU for you: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006

    Similar to the model you linked to but a bit higher wattage just to be safe. Corsair is a very good PSU brand.

    Some power supplies advertise particular SLI, Crossfire, and Core i7 compatibility, but really, that's all just marketing. Almost any modern power supply can power an i7, but it's the video cards that are a drain.

    The 750w psu has 60 amps on the 12v rail (which powers almost everything in your case; 60 amps x 12v = 720 watts of 12v power. Each 4870 won't use much more than 150w.

    tl;dr: The 750w Corsair PSU is a good buy for your system.
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