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So I just put together a new system. It worked flawlessly - until I tried to enable SLI. Now it has problems. I have installed 191.07 for the graphics cards, as well as SLI update v2. All other drivers for everything are installed and up to date. Here are the specs:

Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
EVGA E760 Classified
2 EVGA GTX 275's
6 x 2GB 1600 Corsair XMS3
2 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blacks
LiteOn Bluray drive
Sony DVD Burner

I think I've limited it down to one of the graphics cards:
- If the problem card is plugged into the top slot, I get a black screen after Vista's loading screen. This is regardless of whether the second card is plugged in or not.
- BSoD if both cards are plugged in and have the SLI bridge
- Freezes immediately after log in with both cards in without the SLI bridge
- I've tried switching the 6 pin cables, as well as putting another PCI-E power cable in and trying that.
- With the working card only - No problems at all. I'm using it to type this message right now, and I've been playing Unreal Tournament 3 without any issues.

Here's what else I have done which haven't changed anything and have the exact same results as above:
- Cleared CMOS
- Put the bios back to default
- Swapping the PSU for an Ultra X3 1000w, as well as a Corsair HX-1000 - no change. I borrowed both PSUs from friends and those PSUs are used with other systems and are in good working order. One powers a Core 2 Quad 9650 (OC'ed) and has two GTX 295's. The other is powering a Core 2 Quad 9550 with two 9800 GX2's. I'm pretty dang sure my PSU isn't the problem.
- Checked Memory with memtest - it all good. Windows 7 also checked it - showed up as good again.

Can anyone think of anything else to try before I contact EVGA? Its not a problem to RMA it, but I know its out of stock on NewEgg... not sure about EVGA.
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  1. Possibly a miscommunication, but it appears that you haven't tried the "suspect" card all by itself to see what happens.
    Open up your case and pull out the working card and replace it with the suspect card. When you power the computer on, it should work fine and exactly as it did before with the working card.

    If the suspect card doesn't show video or is causing any stability problems, than there is clearly a problem with that card and you should RMA it.

    In the event that the suspect card is deemed "working", you'll need to do some further troubleshooting to figure out whats causing the computer to malfunction when SLI is involved.
  2. I guess I wasn't clear on that - that was the first thing in my list. When the problem card is by itself the system goes black after the Vista loading screen. I just think its weird that the one card was causing three problems - black screen by itself (to be expected), BSoD when hooked up in SLI, and freezing with both cards hooked up, but without the SLI bridge.

    Anyhow, I guess I'll hopefully send it back to EVGA tomorrow.
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