Freeze/hang during post


This problem has started when my video card was broken and i had to changed for a new one.
before the replacement my monitor wouldnt start up i was getting no signal on the monitor screen but after i knew the video card was broken i had orderd a new one ASUS ENGT220 1GB then i had replaced the older one with this new one after that the monitor screen was also starting up with my systeem i thought i had solved the problem but no after the pc logo i get a energie star logo and it freezes there noting happends everytime i restart the pc the same thing happend over again.
i have tried everything what i could find on the internet but with no luck
i have taking some pictures to make it better understanding my problem .
just like i said i have tried every method that i could find taking memmorys out using it one at the time
taking the battery out with no luck reseting the motherboard
right now i am stuck

i just want to say one more thing the pc is getting to that energie star logo but freezes but sometimes it completes the writing like the date and name of the motherboard and all that kind of stuff but again it freezes

here some pictures that i have taking

i also cant get to save mode because it freezes right doing the post
is that a motherboard problem or the cpu that doing this
or maybe the memmory i dont have extra memmory or a extra motherboard to tast this but what can this

hope that soemone has the solution for this

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  1. Did you uninstall the graphics drivers before installing the new card ?
    What MoBo do you have ? Is it equipped with on Board GFX ?
  2. Hi,

    and thanks for the fast respone

    first the videocard stopped working i installed a new video card but then this freeze during the post was showing up so couldnt go in to windows and delte the old drivers
    i also have tried this with no cd driver no harddisk nothing only the psu ,motherboard cpu, and the memmory and also with videocard but the same thing happs there it freezes right doing the post so i think something is broken and it can be the motherboard the memmory or the cpu
    but i really dont have that much money to go and replcae all those thing
    if its the mother i can replaced with a new one but i dont i cant do tha for all those thing

    any help would be great

    but what can this be in most caes is the motherboard that is broken or something else

  3. and i dont have any onboard video on thew motherboard\
    the new videocard is a asus ENGT220 1GB pcie card
    one more thing on the videocard box its says that the reccomended memmory ram is 2 gb
    and i only have 1 gb of memmory is that a problem or is that not a big deal to worry about

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