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I was installing my graphics card when i heard a snap and found a really tiny piece that broke off of my motherboard. it looks like a small silver piece with some kind of brown thing in the middle of it or a brown thing with metal attached to its sides. pc seems to work fine untill i play a game and graphics seems like its not performing at its best.

heres a site to a pic i found that shows a similar piece that broke of my mobo.

can anyone tell me what it is and is it repairable?

Thanks in advance
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  1. anyone please..
  2. Ok first the link to the picture does not work. Second if you actually broke something off the MB ( how you did that installing a graphics card I dont know ) most likely time to buy a new one.
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    The brown thing with metal on the sides would probably be a surface mount capacitor. If you actually knocked one off, you will need a new mobo. It may work ok sometimes, but it WILL have problems. If you are good with a soldering iron and know how it works, you MIGHT be able to put it back on and be ok, but I don't think that fits you since you didn't know what it was. You'll probably need to get a new board. Sorry:(
  4. flyinfinni is right. It's an SMT capacitor. It may be part on a filter circuit - in which case, the motherboard may still work. Or it may be part of a timing circuit, in which case the motherboard won't work. Third possibility is that it is part of some feature that you are not using, in which case, it doesn't matter.

    The fact that you had to ask what it is indicates that you will not be able to repair it.

    Someone who is good at SMT soldering might be able to fix it.
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