Socket PPGA478 and mPGA478b

Please suggest, what are the diffrents. Thanks in advance.
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  1. PPGA478 - Mobile socket 478 - also called Socket M

    mPGA478b - Desktop socket 478

    Far as building a system around one of these, forget it. Both are so outdated, that it will be hard to find any motherboard or CPU for it.
  2. Don't give up on finding a motherboard. Newegg only has one, but I checked the Biostar web site and they had several. Also you might find some on eBay and that miniITX Web site I can't think of offhand. When I find it I will post.

    The main thing is to be sure the CPU is compatible. Contact the mobo manufacturer since I've seen posts where CPUs that were not listed did work.
  3. EBAY has the older (very outdated !) mpga 478B CPU socket motherboards/ towers, there is NO DUAL CORE chip for this motherboard, being that the 478B socket was replaced later with the 775 CPU socket that accepts the Duo Core CPU, i have an Emachines EL1850 that uses a 775 CPU socket and oringinally had a single core slow-as-molasses*rolls eyes* CPU before I found out that a Dual Core (Duo) 3.0 CPU upgrade would be the fastest chip that was compatible. For the mPGA 478B fastest CPU upgrade, it is the 3.0 ghz-> Intel Pentium 4 SL77P 3.06GHz/512/533 Socket 478...Ebay CPU upgrade link here-(copy and paste)
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