AM3 Phenom II 940?

Hey Guys, I'm doing my Science fair tests again, however, this time, despite the fact that both my motherboard and CPU are AM2+, CPU-z says:

Am I right, or did AM3 Sockets for the Phenom II 940 come out and I just didn't notice?
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  1. It is still called the Socket AM3, as it is AM3, it's just that AM3 CPU's drop into AM2+.
  2. Yeah, but the Phenom II 940 is an AM2+ CPU I thought.
  3. You're right.

    CPU-Z does that sometimes... I have a notebook with a Turion Neo X2 proc and it doesn't display the code name or fabrication process correctly.
  4. Darn, I was hoping I got a mythical AM3 Phenom II 940 so I could buy a new AM3 Motherboard :P
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