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Hi,i was wondering could someone who has a 5870 tell me what the GPU Clock is ment to be please,ive built my bro a pc and we have had one hell of a game trying to get Dirt 2 to run right,ive installed and uninstalled drivers and hot fixes until iam blue in the face,i have spent all christmas holiday trying to get it to run right. The thing is i noticed today in the ATI CCC that the GPU clock was running at 153Mhz,now surely its ment to be higher than that,i have a 4870 and its running at 600Mhz,i was wondering could this be the cause of the problems,i have ran other games,i ran MW2 and got really bad screen tear,to point where it was not really playable,so i had to Vsync it and then it was playable,at the moment my 4870(in crossfire) is running games much better than my bro`s 5870,i just need some amswers please as he is not a happy chappie at the moment after spending around £1,700 on a new build.
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  1. The reason why it runs at that is because of the Powerplay feature to save power. Try running a benchmark utility like Furmark and see what happens. The clocks should be at 850/1200.
  2. Thank you for your reply,i did what you said,i ran 3dmark06 and we got a score of 18986,he has a AMD 965 3.4Ghz with 4Gb ram and the above card,is this about right,i did see a score on there that was way way more than that but looking at each specs my bro has the better machine so iam at a total loss lol
  3. Just had another look and he has got those clock speeds core and memory at 850/1200,but GPU still at 153Mhz and mine`s at 750/900 but GPU at 600Mhz on a 4870.
  4. GPU is the core clock. the 'core' refers to the GPU.

    when its idleing, it cuts the clockspeed to save power. this is normal. if you liek at the cockspeeds WHILE furmark is running, you'll see it up where it should be.
  5. ok,ill try that thankyou for the reply.
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