Please help me find the best 2 fans to pull in air 120mm

Hello im pretty good at all the other parts specs etc whats best other than fans.

I have NO idea what different fans there are etc.

I have a project that needs to be finished by next week and I need 2 120mm fans to add to the front of the case to pull in air.

Basically I want the strongest possible fan to pull in air, because the 2 fans in front that the 500R corsair comes with are pretty weak and cant feel them, I do have a 3 speed fan controller hooked up to them so I would be able to turn them down if its too loud.

As for noise as long as its not a rattling noise that I sometimes hear off my old computers, I dont care, its a gaming computer.

I would order the fans from

So basically I want 2 fans to pull in a GOOD amount of air at average noise, anywhere between medium-loud is fine although the quieter the better.

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    dont know if its to late but these for sure will do the job just know there 4 pin connectors, dont know if it matters
  2. Check out 4Ryan6's roundup for some guidance,
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