Computer Powers on When it wants to

Alright first let me give you a brief summary of what my build is

GeForce9800GTX 512mb
4GB Of Ram
Intel 3.0GHZ Dualcore processor

I've had this computer for about 2 years now and bbout 6 months ago i replaced the case and (upgrade) and also replaced the PSU (from a generic single rail to an ocz with dual rail). Then 3 months ago i replaced the RAM (upgrade) when from 4gb of super talent memory to 4gb of OCZ reaper (was building my wife a computer n i just swaped out for the minor upgrade for mine). Just recently i believe of the sticks went bad, when playing games ill get a blue screen... i've ran test on the ram sticks one of them completed the test fine without issues the other got stuck at 85% and was stuck at 85% all night, but the program was not frozen, i can only assume that that stick is bad but i'm going to run more test

It started within last 2 months or so the problem I am having which has gradually over time gotten worst is that when I try and power on it will not boot up yet the fans spin fine on everything but will not display anything on the screen. I'll turn off the computer and try again. I'll do this several times then try and reseat the ram, and randomly it will turn on and boot up. I've also tried removing the ram and booting up and I don’t hear any system beeps or anything.

I've read a lot of threads and have not found anything to solve my issue

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  1. The code in the blue screen would help.
  2. it blues then reboots within ms
  3. since its not the ram (i've swaped back in RAM from another working computer), im thinking its either the mobo, video card or powersupply

    any suggestions?

    i'll try swapping out the powersupply tonight and see what happens
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