Ok I purchased an Ati great and I'm content with the purchase. But I also bought an 2nd display for my system. I have one monitor hooked up via hdmi and another hooked up via DVI... The monitor hooked up via hdmi has no problems as far as I can see. But the monitor hooked up via DVI has a bad flicker issue when movement is going on its screen. If nothing is happening on the DVI monitor then there is no flickering only when something is going on i.e video games web surfing etc.

The hdmi monitor does not suffer from this issue at all. It never flickers or anything of the such. I figure this is either a bad video card or driver issue. I have tested this on both monitors and when the monitor is hooked up via hdmi there is no problem but when hooked up via dvi theres flickering...this goes for both monitors when hooked up via dvi..

As I said I thought this could be a bad video card...but when a monitor is hooked up via DVI and there is no 2nd monitor...then there isnt any flickering (go figure) only happens with both monitors are connected at the same time. This makes me believe this is ATIs fault and only a driver issue...and I should wait until they address this.

Have anyone else experienced this? Or am the to only one and should rma this video card.
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  1. Sounds like a ground loop, try pluggin the monitor into a different power outlet or better/different power bar especially with UPS.
  2. I tried an different oulet...but no luck :(..
  3. No body else facing same trouble?
  4. I am facing the same issues. Just got a 23.6" monitor that I hooked up via HDMI. Looks great, but the other monitor (DVI) flickers when I resize windows, or mouse over icons in Steam (these are the only times I've seen it do it, but I've been using the monitor for literally 10 minutes.)

    My System Setup:
    Windows 7 x64 (Enterprise)
    Core i7 860
    ATI HD 5850
    8 GB G.Skill RAM

    I just now updated all drivers and the catalyst control center fresh, and the problem persists exactly as kirvinb stated. Solutions? Suggestions?
  5. I'm not sure if you're having the same problem I had, but it sounds similar. I uploaded a video of the problem I was having and how I solved it here: (0:21)

    Essentially I turned off ATI Overdrive and the problem was gone.
  6. Many thanks! This solved my problem.
  7. kirvinb said:
    No body else facing same trouble?

    I've got the same problem @ my no.1 screen(DVI) no prob no.2 (DVI) got the flicker
  8. Yea I figured it out. It was flickering becuz it idles too low..its suppose to idle @ 400mhz wen conected to 2 monitors but instead it was idiling @ only happends wen u overclock. I wish i known that b4 I rmaed..couuld of saved my 10 bucks.
  9. Yeah, happened to me too.
    If your GPU is at default clocks it won't happen.
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