Cooling VRMs on MSI 560ti 2GB

It has come to my attention that the MSI twinfrozr ii cards, of which I have 2, do not have cooling on the VRMs.

I am not sure with the 2GB models which I have, if they have so or not, but i presume they don't.

I don't want to overclock them without, as I get temps in the mid to high 70s sometimes and high 60s, low 70s with the bottom as it is.

Has anyone found any heatsinks that would be adequate to fit and cool these cards, or is it a non-issue?
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  1. Your temps sound fine. Others hit 90+ easily while gaming.
  2. It's the VRM temps though that I am worried about, not the GPU core?
  3. The VRMs does make contact with the heatsink for the GPU cooler for your card.

    I won't suggest you do this, but if you removed the GPU cooler, you will see that the the VRMs will have thermal pads between them and the heatsink.

    The GPU coolers on MSI Twin Frozr cards have been highly regarded for keeping temps cool.
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