P5vd1-x,clear cmos after battery dead and now no boot.

Hi,today i've changed,following the istructions on the user guide,the battery of cmos so i've done also the cmos clear and memory reset. But,after i've done all,tadan, the motherboard don't boot. Also work,cpu and his fan goes,the monitor remain black,the hd start properly but after don't do anithing,the keyboard is with led on.. but i can't run the bios or the boot setup.. what i can do? is the motherboard damaged?

Before i do the changed everything worked properly,but bios and s.o delete the time and date every day so i've decided to change the battery..
thanks in advace.
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  1. Nobody can help me? ._.
  2. try to plug the batery in reverse. then open the pc. after that shut down and plug the batery in the standard way.
  3. I've solved . I've disassembled the computer and assembled it again.
  4. The one that i told you last time is a mobo refresher. but thats fine. good job.
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