Will this PSU run a HD4870?

My current setup:

E8400 3ghz
Akasa AK-965
Generic PS-X550-12 550W PSU
3 Maxtor HDD's (2x 320GB, 1x 150GB)
Generic DVD RW Drive

This PSU ran my X1950Pro with no trouble (before I screwed the Graphics card up) and I was wondering whether it would run a HD4870PCS+ 1GB?
I have one free molex at the moment, I shall have to use a Y-splitter for my HDD's so I can free up another molex. Then I shall use 2 molex to 6pin pci-e converters. Is this a good idea? Or should I concede to replacing my PSU with another that has 2 6pin pci-es already? Any recommendations for another PSU for less than £50 that does the job? (if mine doesn't...)
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  1. Look at the label on the side and see how much amperage you have on the 12V rails.

    Generic PSUs aren't a great idea, but it should run fine if you have an extra 15 or so amps on your 12V rail. Almost everything in your computer runs on 12V.

    Although using those molex to PCI-ejavascript:%20validform(this); adapters isn't really a great idea.
  2. well i don't quite understand these details but here is what it says:

    +3.3v - 28A - 280W (Max)
    +5V - 50A - same as above (Max)
    +12V - 18A - 216W (Max)
    Max Total 492W

    Is this sufficient?
  3. I think it all boils down to this; can my E8400, HD4870 and my 3 HDD's work with just 18 amperes on the +12V rail?
  4. I take it seeing as I have had no response that the above question is a resounding no?
  5. exactly, since a 4870 is capable of drawing 17amps on its own at max
  6. Thanks for the response. I have now bought another PSU.
    My budget has forced me to buy a PowerCool PSUPC750AUBA 750W 80+ Dual 12v V2.2 High Efficiency Black PSU.
    It has dual rail, 16amps and 18amps respectively, and 2 pci-e 6 pin connectors. Will this one work???
  7. how much is the power cool
  8. on sale at play.com, £46 with fre p+p, will this work?
  9. based on replies here, there is still the chance for me to cancel my order, if the PSU in question is not good enough. RRP is between £50-55 at most places I can find....
  10. afortiori said:
    there is still the chance for me to cancel my order

    I would, then again, I wouldn't have ordered it in the first place
    Only 2 PCIE connectors on a 750w ?
    34 amps ( maybe ) on 2 x 12v rails ? My Antec 500 can do that.
    80+ ? You won't find it ( or any "Powercool" ) on thier list;

    Let the community know where you are purchasing from and you might get some better reccomendations.
  11. OK I am still a novice with PC hardware, so I am listening to those more learned than me, and getting that OCZ Fatal1ty obsidian mentioned. I've just sent off a message to play.com asking to cancel my order, an automated message came back saying they will contact me in the next 72 hours.
    So regarding this new OCZ PSU, it says it has a 6pin pci-e and 6+2pin pci-e. Do I load the the graphics card onto rail 12v2 through the two pci-e's supplied, and pile everything else on 12v1? i.e MB, 3xHDD's, DVDRW.
  12. yeah thats how it runs not that a 4870 will ever overload it lol
  13. Oh good. Best to be safe than sorry. I'de rather pay £20 more for an overkill PSU than get one which may or may not work.
    Thanks for all the advice. If you don't hear from me again about this matter, it is safe to say I have everything sorted :)
  14. :S good thing you canceled, your HD 4870 would have alone taken up the 200w peak power consumption the 12v rail.
  15. Hehe, where would I be without the help of you guys on this great forum.
    One last question for the time being, regarding the OCZ Fatal1ty 550W:
    It is a modular PSU, as I have seen from the plethora of reviews; the only cables that are fixed are the 20-24 MB and 4 and 8 pin CPU cables. Seems like a stupid question, but which 12v rail are the fixed cables on?
  16. the graphics card cables are not fixed they are loose you have to plug them
  17. Sorry I wasn't clear about my question. Which +12V rail is the 24pin MB cable and 4pin CPU powercable allocated to? +12V1, or +12V2? Just so I know which rail to allocate my graphics card to.
  18. afortiori said:
    Sorry I wasn't clear about my question. Which +12V rail is the 24pin MB cable and 4pin CPU powercable allocated to? +12V1, or +12V2? Just so I know which rail to allocate my graphics card to.

    Unless someone opens one and traces the wires it's hard to say.
    The standard dual rail configuration is cpu on one rail and everything else on the other, you don't get a choice.
  19. well that sucks. I want my CPU, HDD's, MB and DVDRW on +12v1, and my HD4870 exclusively using +12v2. Are you saying thats not possible with the OCZ Fatal1ty? I dout one 20amp rail could run that graphics card, 3 HDDs AND a DVDRW, and the e8400 having 1 20amp rail to itself is major overkill, isn't it?
  20. lets put it this way its already sorted
  21. No problemo, when I get it i'll just plug everything in and see what happens... :)
  22. obsidian86 said:
    lets put it this way its already sorted
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