Best crossfire/SLI configuration for 650 $

As you may have seen on my other threads, I am building a new system. I would like to find which is the most powerfull configuration in terms of graphics cards for 650 dollars.

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  1. ^ You might want to wait for a few days more as ATI will be launching the HD59xx series (HD 5850X2/ HD 5870X2)...they sure will claim the crown for the fastest graphics card...And should be within your budget range...
    Else get 2 HD 5870 in crossfire...but that would cost ~$700 if you could find them...
  2. ^ right.

    Wait a month if you can.

    If not, go for either 2 5850's or 5870's depending on how far you can stretch your budget. But really, you should be fine with a single 5870 unless you run a 30 inch monitor.
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