GA-MA785GM-US2H v1.1 - No video input detected

Hey guys. I built this HTPC about 2 months ago and have not had any problems until last Friday. Windows 7 downloaded and installed a Microsoft Windows Update while I was sleeping. It had to restart the system. Great. I shut down my computer as I head out the door to work.

Saturday morning, I get up to check my mail. Hit the power button, all the bells and whistles make the normal noises ... BUT ... I get no picture on the monitor!

I pulled the motherboard battery to reset the BIOS, but still nothing. The monitor appears to be fine (25" HP) because it displays my Xbox 360 and satellite input. The computer will not output video to my television either.

Any thoughts? I'm lost.

Everything is stock.
CPU - AMD Sempron 140 2.7GHZ
MOBO - GA-MA785GM-US2H 1.1
RAM - 4GB Patriot Gaming DDR2-800
PSU - Sunbeam 480W ATX12V
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  1. Sounds like it might have gotten a bad upgrade - can you 'roll it back' to your last restore point? Maybe try the recovery install from the windisk?
  2. Nope, no roll-back because there's no picture :( ... at all. No boot screens, no nothing.
  3. I would try booting with each stick of RAM by itself. A dead stick of RAM will cause the type of problems you describe. My next thought would be that your POS Sunbeam PSU kicked the bucket. If that's the case, you can only hope it didn't take any other components with it to the grave. Do you have a known good PSU you can try in the system?
  4. Sunbeams aren't all bad! This one's

    got a 427 in it... [:bilbat:7]
  5. If you are hearing the normal sounds, then try connecting the computer to your monitor with other input cables, vga, dvi, hdmi. I suspect one of the Windows Updates might have been a newer ATI driver and it has changed the monitor output back to another output, most likely VGA, but possibly not the one the monitor is hooked up to at present...
  6. I'm having the same problem with a GA-MA785GMT-UD2H v1.1. Thanks to Dragon, I switched to a VGA cable and was then able to see the BIOS, but how do I make it auto detect the DVI again?

    While trying to solve the problem: 1. I cleared the CMOS (no progress there). 2. Updated the BIOS (nada) 3. Unplugged all the drives and booted with only a stick of RAM, a keyboard, and monitor using DVI (blank screen, no video output).

    The motherboard is only outputting a VGA signal as it boots. After waiting about 30 seconds a DVI signal is then detected by the monitor during the Windows bootup screen.
  7. You could try going to the "Advanced BIOS Features" and setting "Onboard VGA output connect" to "D-SUB/DVI ", but if it works like most 'auto-detecting' GPUs, it should be 'querying' the connectors to see who's 'live'... Chipset troubles?? Are you OC'd at all - host clock cranked up? If not -

    Might want to check all these:

    On the "MB Intelligent Tweaker" page:
    "VGA Core Clock control" to "Disabled"
    "VGA Core Clock(MHz)" - won't matter with above disabled...

    On the "Advanced BIOS Features" page:

    "Internal Graphics Mode" to "UMA+SidePort"
    "Internal Graphics Mode" to "UMA"
    "UMA Frame Buffer Size" to any size you like...
    "Surround View" to "Disabled"
    and, as above, "Onboard VGA output connect" to "D-SUB/DVI"

    The DVI vs VGA is not as transparent a deal as the availability of adapters would make it seem; my monitors support 75Hz 'natively', my ATI drivers show 75Hz as available, but if I'm plugged in via DVI, I can't set 75 Hz - hook up through VGA & adapters - no problem! ???
  8. Thanks for the suggestions billbat, but it didn't work. I'm not OC'd; everything is pretty much the optimized default. Thing is, it was working fine yesterday and I can't think of any updates or changes I made that would screw up my BIOS settings.
  9. Have you tried a CMOS reset yet?
  10. Yes, it was the first thing I did.
  11. I'd attempt to place the video card into a different machine and see if the DVI port hasn't gone bad. I assume you tried replacing the cable and checking for bent/broken pins.

    Edit: D'oh. Onboard video? That limits your testing options...
    Edit: Can you boot with the VGA cable and see if you can set up the DVI as a second monitor in Control Panel for testing? =\
  12. The problem is there is no video output during POST. As soon as windows starts my monitor gets an input signal over DVI.
    The only way I can see the BIOS flash screen is by using the VGA connection on the monitor. I don't want to have to plug in my VGA cable every time I want to get into the BIOS.
  13. justWoot said:
    The problem is there is no video output during POST. As soon as windows starts my monitor gets an input signal over DVI.
    The only way I can see the BIOS flash screen is by using the VGA connection on the monitor. I don't want to have to plug in my VGA cable every time I want to get into the BIOS.

    Not proposing a permanent solution. Offering an idea of how to test the connector.

    We know it doesn't work. The question right now is whether it's something can be fixed with reflashing or if it's a hardware failure.
  14. Much as I hate to say it - this sounds like an issue for GB tech...
  15. All, sorry I have not replied in a while. Work has been crazy.

    More info on the situation & more questions. I replaced the PSU with an 80Plus 500W psu. That did not fix the problem. I tried to boot and everything sounded normal except for one thing: the CPU fan would do a slow half spin every few seconds. And again, no display. So, did my CPU die or did my MOBO die? This is the first build failure I have had to deal with :(
  16. Do you have a case speaker? Getting any beep-codes? If not, you really need one here...
  17. I do not have a mobo speaker. Will be purchasing one of those. Thanks for the link.
  18. Always [:graywolf:9]
  19. Borrowed my mobo speaker from my work computer and plugged it in on my build. No beeps when I cut the computer on. I've ordered a new cpu to plug into the board to see if that fixes it.
  20. "No beeps" = never a good thing! Substitution at this point is probably your only option...
  21. I guess this is a chicken vs egg question, but what do you think?

    Did the motherboard go & take a stick of RAM with it? or Did the stick of RAM go & take the motherboard with it? Either way, I'm down a stick of RAM & the motherboard. I'm looking to RMA both the RAM & the MOBO. Hopefully I can get a new MOBO.
  22. Sorry for the delay - posted here last night, and Tom's seems to have 'swallowed up' another one!

    I can't even venture a guess here - it all seems just unlikely to me - but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't so! I should think that, if anything, a bad DIMM would take out the processor, as it 'contains' the memory controller, and, I think, 'supplies' the Vdimm...
  23. Set the "Advanced BIOS - Init Display First" setting to boot to onchipVGA instead of the PCI Slot
  24. I have the same problem (same mobo) and I can tell you with 95% confidence that you don't have a hardware issue at all. The problem is the display driver. I've just installed a fresh copy of Windows XP and setup runs smoothly. After installing chipset drivers from the disc supplied by Gigabyte, Windows appears to start normally (I see POST and then the XP splash screen) but then goes to black.

    I use an old VGA monitor so in my case it seems to be POSTing with VGA normally and then switching to DVI output when Windows boots. Unfortunately I don't have a DVI monitor or DVI adapter so I'm screwed unless someone can tell me how to boot in safe mode, which would presumably disable the ATI driver.

    I've actually had this system for a while and I completely forgot about this problem. The same thing happened when I first built it last year and I got around it by reinstalling Windows XP and using a different driver from ATI's website.... which worked eventually. I can't remember now exactly what I did. Screwing around with settings eventually resolved it.

    So I'm guessing you have the same problem with Gigabyte's stupid display driver. Can anyone suggest a work around? Short of installing Windows yet again?
  25. I don't know exactly what the problem was, but I RMAd it back to Gigabyte for support. They never explained to me what the problem was and just shipped me a new MOBO (same one). Haven't had a problem with it since.
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