GF 220

i Bayed GF 220...

When i turn on PC i get POST screen after BIOS: <Energy star> screen with memory Test, etc..) takes a long time to display - I mean it takes about 1 second per character, and each character is drawn from top to bottom; it takes about 6+ minutes to draw the entire screen ... its happen each time when i turn on Pc or restart....

Motherboard Name: MSI MS-7293VP (FSC OEM)

BIOS Version: W7293VPVF1 V2.2 012307

i need help to fix a problem.

In Nvidia forum i gated answer : We have created a workaround through a newer video BIOS. Unfortunately, since each video BIOS is custom made for each board model and manufacturer, you will need to contact the maker of your graphics card to obtain a newer video BIOS for your graphics card. The video BIOS fix has been pushed to our board partners already.
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  1. anyone can help me xD
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