HD4850 radeon vertical red lines

I just installed my new hd4850 palit radeon card when I boot it up horizontal red lines come across the screen(even in bios)they are not static and sometimes dots appear all over the screen too.. i reinstall my old card and all is fine again??anyone have any ideas as to what this could mean.. Oh as a side note my power supply "750w" really 500w has two 6-pin pci-e connectors the card has an 8-pin but came with a 6-8 converter and thats what im using
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  1. faulty card more then likely

    crap PSU's still should power the card for a while before crapping out etc
  2. I had a sinking feeling it might be that..I have one last testing procedure.. my housemate has the exact same graphics card in his machine chuck it in his and see if it is ok if not....
  3. yep good old dead graphic card or more so the ram on the card is faulty.......
    time 4 that 5870 upgrade ........yea baby :bounce:
  4. Feel free to donate one :P.. My faulty card is a sonic edition i was thinking it could have been an overheating issue.. it came faulty out of the box but it was a display card in the shop apparently. lucky they have a DoA warranty but the pain of sending it and waiting is torture.
  5. i hear ya [:lectrocrew:2]
  6. what brand of PSU on your system?
    better use a good one if u don't want frying the other components on your case...
    and maybe i suggest get a vga with better cooling device, like HIS's IceQ.... :)
  7. genric psu.. I got a good feeling about it though.. yeah the card is a palit one sonic edition so factory overclocked with pretty decent cooling. going to return it in the next few days... the place i got it from is pretty strict when it comes to returning stuff..
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