A 650W PSU and the HAF922. will it work?


Im putting together my pc.
which is this btw:
intel i7 860 cpu
CM HAF922 case
ATI HD5850 gfx card
4GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
antec earthwatts 650W

and i thought everything was fine, but i was watching a review of the HAF922 on youtube and the guy said 'this case supports everything between 750W and 1200W'
this is the first thing i hear about this though, i thought it was all the same.
so i thought i'd ask here first to be sure.
So does my antec 650W fit in the case.
also if it doesnt , tell me why plz cuz im pretty curious :D
the antec earthwatts 750W will work then right?
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  1. Yes the 650W will fit. My guess is that they were referring to the larger size of the higher wattage power supplies. If you check the specs the antec earthworks 750W is 1.1 inches longer than the 650W you have.
  2. I have a Cooler Master HAF 922 as well and I'm using a 500 watt PSU and it fits just fine. I believe this case will fit any standard ATX power supply, but no idea if its will fix the new longer ones (looks like there is enough space though).

    PSU Link(http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817103940)
  3. HAF 922 will fit anything from a small 400w PSU, to a 1000w as long as the power supply sticks to standard ATX protocol. (Yes you even have space for the gargantuan 1200w power supplies.
  4. quote: 'this case supports everything between 750W and 1200W'

    Taken literally, this is ridiculous. Of course the 650w will fit.
  5. watch this video @ around 1 min


    He's just talking bullshit then? ROFL xD
    or did i misunderstand.
  6. flasheeur said:
    He's just talking bullshit then?

    Yes and no. The 750-1200 W power supplies will fit like he states. If you take a look at the bottom of the case you will see that it is completely open all the way to the hard drive bays. The only limiting factor for a power supply you will find in a case is the available room for the power supply. As long as there is room anything will work.

    A MB is 9.6 inches wide. There is a point in that video where you see him put his fingers behind the MB tray. If you look at that point you will see that the MB tray extends past the MB by about an inch. There is also an inch or two past that where he fits his hand in. That is where the drive bays start, which leave around 11 - 12 inches of room for the power supply. Of course you lose a couple of inches to place the power cables themselves but that is more than enough room for any ATX power supply I have seen.
  7. hmmm allright ^^
    ty for info and all replies
  8. I would love too but i need to pay an extra $104.85 to ship it here :P
    So it'll be alot more expensive then every other shop i think xD
    I don't live in the US
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