I think one of my PCI slots is broken

So i was having problems getting my X-Fi XtremeGamer card working, I inspected the slot and discovered a broken off pin in the slot. I removed the broken off piece from the slot, thinking that it might still work without that pin, and it still will not work. My motherboard is an X58 Extreme by ASRock. Problem is a bought it as an open box item on newegg and it is not eligible for an RMA replacement. Is there any way to replace the PCI slot fairly inexpensively? Thanks for the help.
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  1. Nope, not without some seriously fun soldering. Is there another slot you can use?
  2. Add more subscribers to your paper route and you should be able to buy another MB real soon...
  3. If it's a defective motherboard, it's eligible for RMA replacement, open box or not. They just won't return or exchange it if you decide you don't want it. I ordered an open box Asus motherboard that arrived with a bad LAN adapter, and Newegg didn't even give me any problems about taking it back. Call those jerks up and tell them they shipped you a broken board. Assuming you bought it recently, anyway.

    Also: This is why I don't like to buy open box motherboards. Too many things to go wrong compared with other components. Plus they never seem to include the backplate, so you have to shell out $15 for a new one on ebay, and there go your savings right there. I only buy open box if it's something you can't get new anymore.
  4. Well I think it has been more than 30 days.. i just haven't really had a use for BOTH PCI cards until now. I have a Wi-fi card in the other slot and i'd rather have a wifi connection over a little bit better sound, so i can't just use the other port.
    An interesting note is I just looked in my newegg transactions and it does not look to be there at all.. every other transaction before and after is there, but not the one where I purchased the motherboard. I just remember when I tried to do an RMA last week it said this item was not (and never had been) eligible. WHAT IS GOING ON NEWEGG??
    I can't really see much of a reason to upgrade my board as I am looking for a case upgrade first, then more memory before I do anything else, so I was really not looking forward to dropping $$ on anything but those components.
    When I first received the motherboard, I was actually pretty happy with buying the open box version, I got it for $115 and it was a $160 board, it came with the backplate, and everything seemed to work fine. I guess now that I think about it there are so many little capacitors and ports and pins that can get broken, bent, cracked, or any other number of things that buying a board in this manner probably isn't smart. But in my case I truly believe the board was bought, opened, and sent back because it was unwanted, or something similar, because all of the cables and everything were still in their sealed packages, and the yellow stickers were still on various parts. I believe this is neweggs fault and they should fix it as long as I would be within the normal return window, however, I just checked their open box motherboard policy and it is refund only within 30 days...
    Maybe the "paper route" idea is the best :lol: I just wish X58 motherboards weren't such a ripoff. I guess I can go without the sound card for now, and if I'm at a LAN and I want the sound card I'll just switch it out with my wireless card.
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