A few simple questions

Hey, i was just wondering if someone could give me a check that everything for my new build is alright, and will go together.

Mobo - MSI P55-CD53
CPU - Core i5 750
PSU - OCZ Fatal1ty (700w version)
Memory - Patriot Extreme Performance Pgs 6GB

I have been reading up on the Patriot kit, and it seems to only work with Intel x58 (not x48 or lower), but i have not found ANY information on weather it would work with a P55 chip-set.

Also, i am kind of new to everything; Could someone please tell me, if i have 4 DIMM slots (Say on the CD-53 board), can i put an triple channel kit in it, and just have it running as 3 separate sticks, instead of a single set running in a triple channel config.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. you don't need 700 w PSU for that, what os gfx card?

    and yes you can put in triple channel in there, in 3 sockets

    a 550 watt should be enough depending on your gfx card

    the RAM will work with your mobo, and waht are you using this for?
  2. For now, i'll be using an 8500 GT(failure card), then when i sell my current PC, i'll be putting a GTX 275 in.

    I'm using it, right now, for basic use. I do some photoshop, edit movies, capture devices, a bit of gaming, lots of movies, some computer programming (Higher end soon, going to University for it).

    The only reason i am taking the 700w is because the 550 is not in stock.
  3. go for a 550 watt Corsair they are 80 plus energy efficient and sort of cheap
  4. I Know they are cheaper, but, i'm buying from NCIX, and they are currently back ordered.
  5. Plus, i have a HAF 932, and i want the red LED fan; It'll look sick!
  6. Ok that's fine, but i also wouldn't recommend getting more than 4 gig of DDR3 RAM, it won't give you any extra FPS or anything like that.
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