Intel Q8200 quad core or Amd Phenom 2 550 black

Hi guys,

Which do you think is a better buy at pretty much the same price, around $140 out the door with cpu and motherboard?

The intel comes with a biostar motherboard that supports ddr2 and 3

The Amd comes with an asus motherboard that I think only supports ddr2 but you are able to unlock the other two cores of the 550.

I have heard that the Q8200 is not that great for gaming or oc.

Bottom line which one am I better off with, its between these 2 only, I'm leaning towards the intel but the Amd sounds like it might have an advantage.
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  1. Here are some numbers.

    Never buy a dual thinking you will unlock a quad. If you want a quad buy a quad.
  2. personally, i would advice on the phenom.

    LGA775 is a dead platform, and it would really cut away upgrade potential to go that route.

    i have a 550 myself, its very good. obviously, in threaded tasks it will be out performed, but as far as dual-threaded tasks go, its one of the best procs you can get.

    what badtrip said is true. its possible to unlock to a quad (as i did) and the sucess rate is good. but its should only be a bonus, dont buy it soley on the basis of unlocking.
  3. The phenom ll 550 is the better choice here, it is faster in single and dual threaded apps and programs and gives a much better upgrade path should you ever want a new cpu (the upcoming six core amd chip is going to be am3 as well) the lga 775 is a dead platform and the 8200 was never a good quad to begin with go with the phenom ll or wait a week for the core i 3 to come out
  4. Thanks guys, I actually went witht the phenom and was able to unlock all cores and now my system detects the cup as a phenom II x4 b50 processor
  5. very nice mortimer, join the club. :)
  6. Might I add that the athlon x4 tends to be very cheap and performs well :)
  7. it depends on what OP has in mind for the system.

    if he is a gamer, i would recomend the 550 every time. the higher clock and L3 cache gives it a major advantage.

    if however he just want a general useage system, then a 620 would be a brilliant choice.
  8. Thank you thank you thank you. I currently own the q8200 Quad-Core, and it's overclocking abilities are almost none. I'm not a hard-core gamer, but feel the need to get around quick on the computer, usually doing 1 or 2 things at a time. And let's face it, these other 2 cores are doing nothing for me.

    Thanks. I'll be purchasing the 550 when my ebay auction kills off my quad core processor. XD
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