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I had planned on buying the i7 bundle through tigerdirect, i7 920 w/ intel dx58so motherboard, but i've heard some mixed reviews on the intel board. should I go a different route on the board? gonna be using my rig for gaming/home theater, u know fun stuff. since its my first build i'd like it to go as smooth as possible. gonna go with 1 XFX HD577AZNFC Radeon HD 5770 Video Card for now but i'd like to crossfire a second in the future. i like this card for the price and also the hdmi outs since im thinking on hooking it right up to the 47" flatscreen. any suggestions on a motherboard compatible for what i am trying to do?

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  1. Its a good motherboard and has good reivews:
    However if you want to OC your CPU,although this Intel board will do fine but there are better boards for OC'ng
  2. What is weird about this mobo is its memory banks: instead of having 6 slots like regular ones, it has only 5, so if you run more than 3 sticks you can't use triple channel, but dual channel instead.
    Based on you gpu choice, however, I believe you're not interested in maximum performance so, yes, this is a good mobo.
  3. Do not buy an Intel board under any circumstances. They are notorious for compatibility issues with high-performance components.

    If you're planning on using it to build a maximum-performance machine, there's a good chance you'll run into something where an Intel board gives you a headache.

    If you're planning on building anything less than an absolute maximum-performance machine, you're much better off going with an AMD quad core setup for half the price.

    For a high-performance machine, you're much better off going with ASUS or Gigabyte motherboards (though basically anything other than Intel or ECS/Elitegroup should be workable).
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