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Corsair H60 fan positioning

Hey guys. Im going to install a corsair h60 system into my antec 900 case. I was wondering what would be the best direction for the fan on the radiator to blow? Ive seen mixed reviews on people having it blow in the case or out of the case. the antec 900 has four 120mm fans blowing in and one 200mm on the top blowing out. Any ideas?
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  1. Pull cool air in, use the top 200 to vent up/out.
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    Your call -- decide your priority - if you want a cooler case have the radiator exhaust out the back or top. If you want a cooler processor have it suck in the back for the coolest air in the radiator.

    I have mine exhausting out the back because im more worried about GPU heat than I am about CPU heat -- and my cooler still keeps the CPU in the 30/40s most of the time.
  3. Will there be any complications if I was to add a second fan on the radiator that doesn't run at the exact rpm's as the other one? (doing the push/pull or pull/push method)
  4. No. You don't need exact same fan RPMs. In fact, most fans that are the exact same models don't run at exactly the same speeds, anyway. Just make sure both fans are moving air in the same direction- in one side and out the other.
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