RAID 1 w/ a partitioned hard drive

I have two HD's - 500GB and 2TB - I got the larger HD to keep massive amounts of media. I have the intel raid drivers already loaded into my OS (Windows 7 HP). I would like to create RAID1 on the larger (secondard) hard drive by creating a 500GB partition on it for the RAID and using the remaining 1.5GB for my media. From what I understand, I need to do a "virtual raid" to do this, but I have no idea how to go about that or what is required. Or maybe there is a different way to run RAID1 on a partitioned HD? Please help - thanks.
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  1. You can't run actual RAID on a partition. The chipset drivers use whole drives.

    What you can do is open Disk Manager in Win7 and ... Curiously, I can't find the support for this. Did they take the feature out in Win7? Well, two choices.

    The first is to fiddle with Disk Management or find someone who knows more than I do. The second is to get some software that will fake RAID1 - I personally use MirrorFolder, because there are only a few directories that I want to protect in realtime. You would be better off using the OS feature if it's your entire C drive. Sorry that I can't give you the correct procedure - I'll keep looking.
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