Wildly Mis-Reported CPU Temps?

Hi All

Hopefully you guys can help. I’ve just upgraded my system with a new Motherboard, CPU and RAM (Didn’t have the money for a full overhaul). Bought myself an i5 2500k, a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 motherboard and 8 gigs of RAM. Installed it all, booted up, all looks fine. I run my normal tempreture monitoring program which is core temp and am shocked to see an idle of almost 70 degrees C. I quickly did a few searches (which brought me to this site) and saw a few similar problems and tried to apply the fixes there, the Heatsink is attached just fine and I've set the CPU fan to full all the time.

However on the off chance I checked a second program, HWMonitor and to my surprise that has shown a CPU tempreture of between 25-35C. Confused, I downloaded a 3rd program, RealTemp and checked that, which also showed a much lower average. Checking BIOS again I see roughly 25-35c (Not a great Idle but my case isn’t great so I am happy with an idle under 40).

Thinking perhaps this might just be Coretemp being silly I run Prime95 for a few hours to see what happens. Oddly enough Coretemp shows its readings to go down, to roughly 45c, which HW monitor and RealTemp show an increase (as could be expected) to around 55-60c.

My question to you chaps (eventually) is - Is Coretemp just being idiotic or are my CPU temperatures actually nearly 70c? If so I may well have to invest in yet more parts. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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  1. hw monitor has never told me wrong.

    idle for a stock cpu cooler is typically around 35 plus or minus a few degrees pending ambient temperatures.

    I would trust hwmonitor and realtemp.
  2. could be just a bad reading depending where core temp was reading,you could also try this one http://www.hwinfo.com/
  3. Hm for some reason re-installing coretemp has brough it in line with the other readings, 30 idle and 60 under heavy load.

    Either way, cheers for the help guys! :)
  4. your welcome
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