Motherboard core temp

hi just want to ask something about temperatures
iam using core temp to monitor my temp
recently before i upgraded my HARD disk my rig is
athlon II x4 620 propus 2.6 ghz
asrock mobo k10n78m
seagate 7200.10 250gb

my core temps ranges from 27 C on idel up to around 38 or sometimes 40

last week i changed my hard drive to WD caviar blue and my core temps started to rise by 10
now my idles is 37C lowest and highest would be around 47 - 49 when playing games and running other progs

is it because of the hard disk change? is caviar blue runs hotter than my previous seagate hard drive? and is this temp still ok or is it too high? i only use stock cooler and i dont think thats the problem because before as ive said my temps are getting as low as 27C on stock
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  1. Temps will rise and fall according to your system load. Your range is perfectly normal. I don't monitor mine anymore; with at least one good case fan, you should be fine. Even 50c is ok for the average.
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