2 X 1TB Raid 0 Vs 2TB

Hello I'm getting to the point where my 500 GB Samsung hard drive is running out of space and want to upgrade it. The drives are mostly used for games as I like to have every game I own installed so when I want to play them I can just click them and not have to wait for them to install. Also most are steam games and I don't want to have to download them again.

My question is, for gaming (Load times etc) would I benefit from getting 2 X 1TB western digital blacks in raid 0 or should I just go with the 2TB version? I know that with raid 0 you have two times the failure chance but how often do these drives fail? WD gives a 5 year warranty with them so they must be pretty confident with them. Even if they did fail the worst that would happen would be I'd have to install all my games again. Will Raid 0 really help my load times? If they reduce them by 20%+ that would be nice.
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  1. With RAID 0, you are vulnerable to failures other than the drives. Plus, RAID 0 improves sequential read speeds but not seeks, which are the dominant factor. So if you can't get an SSD dedicated to the OS and games, stick with the fastest 2TB HDD you can get.

    Note: RAID 0 is not truly a RAID level. The R stands for "Redundant," and there is no redundancy in a RAID 0 array.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I didn't know about failures other then the drives. Because Steam only allows you to install a game to the drive its currently installed on, if I was to get a SSD big enough for that I'd need a huge drive (500GB+) and anything above 120GB SSD isn't worth it IMO.

    I think your right with the seek times I'll probably just get a 2TB one. My plans to get a SSD for the OS in the future and maybe just put WOW on it but nothing else.
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