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Name the best graphic card, individual, sli or crossfire configuration you can think of which will be available by the end of november for 650 dollars maximum.

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  1. Impossible question.

    If nothing changes between now and then, Cross Fire 5850s would be ~$5-600.
  2. Kohd, is correct. Too many unknown variables remain to give a definitive answer and his suggest seems valid.

    You could also consider 3 way Xfire of HD 45850x2's or HD 4890's.

    Perhaps quad Xfire HD 4870's? Obviously you get diminished returns as you add multiple cards.

    The HD 5890 and/or HD 5870X2 is expected to release this year for within the $650 allotment.
  3. quad crossfire? does that exist?
  4. 7900 gts??? :)
  5. 5850 crossfired. If a single card variant comes choose that (or the 5870x2 if it comes before your deadline and is in your price range).

    7900 gts???
    Say what? :P
  6. Quote:
    7900 gts???
    Say what? :P

    You heard me :D
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