Are dual atom processors better than core 2 duo processors

I have lenovo ideapad s10 which has 2 atom 1.6 Ghz processors. is it better than a dual core or core 2 duo processors? if not, then what's its ratings according to you.
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  1. No it's not. A core 2 duo is much faster. As for it's rating, I put it as good for a netbook, but not much else :D.
  2. Atom is more like old P4s if I remember right. Core2 stomps on them. Atom is made for max efficency.
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    The Atom is a 330, yes?

    It's just a dual-core version of the same Atom that's in most netbooks. It's a bit faster than the single core Atom N270 and N280, but it's a lot slower than any Core 2 Duo or Pentium Dual-Core processor.

    Here's a Tom's article comparing the newest Atom chip with the dual-core Atom 330 and a low-end Pentium dual-core.,2507.html
    Go ahead and skip to the benchmark result pages... note that, in some graphs, larger numbers are better. In some, smaller numbers are better.
  4. lol no tortnotes.

    i feel very annoyed you have been given best-answer for providing false info.

    atoms are low-power procs. clock for clock they are CONSIDERABLY less powerful that core2duos. they are out performed by both celeron and P4 processors. so core2duo is miles ahead.

    its not about clockspeeds, and hasn't been for a long time. architecture is much more important in defining a more powerful processor. atoms do their job very well, but their job si to be cool and energy efficent. not power a strong system.

    and i do know what im talking about here, i have alot of experience with atoms. more than id like TBH.
  5. right i tihnk i may have misread tortnotes answer. i thought he was replying to the orginal post. but now itihnk he was replying to the next post. in which case, sorry.

    just saw the OP, follwoed by 'best answer'. didnt look good.


  6. Actually guys it depends on what you mean by better. If you want to make out battery life, the Atom will let it run longer then a C2D. I believe you can also get an atom + motherboard board for ~$80, which is less then a mobo and C2D. If you want to know which is faster/has better performance, then yes the answer is C2D. Even the old P4s have better performance.
  7. That is what you get when you allow someone who asked a question to mark an answer as "The Best".
    How in the world can someone seeking knowledge possibly be in a position to decide what information given to him is the "best". Some one could have said the Atom was the processor of the century, and hands down spanks any core processor out there! And the poster goes, "Okay, so cool...thanks bud, I am marking you as the best answer!" good grief.
    No offense to the OP, but in a nutshell that is what we have happening.
    It makes no sense the way the points work around here these days, the ratings are useless, pointless, they have no foundation to base any conclusions on what so ever.
  8. Off topic, but correct and amen.
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