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I built a computer for my dad back in June. I used the Crucial RealSSD C300 as the only drive (my dad doesn’t use very much space on the drive at all, so no hdd necessary)

Just this week, he started not being able to start the computer. So I go over and try to fix it. I try to start the computer in safe mode but it just freezes. Then I try starting it normally, but it freezes at the “starting windows” screen. So I take the ssd home to my computer to try and scan it for viruses and anything else, but when I plug the ssd into the computer, the computer won’t boot. I unplug the ssd and then my computer boots fine. I then turn off the computer and plug in the ssd and again, boot from my drive, and it wont boot. It has all the same symptoms as it did in my dad’s computer. So whenever the ssd is plugged into my computer, the computer will not boot. I have no idea what could be going on, so please help me. Thanks a bunch.
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  1. I would contact Crucial Tech Support as there have been some issues with their SSDs.
  2. Is that the only option. I would really like it if there was a way to fix it without having to send it back.
  3. Also, i even tried installing windows over the ssd but it would still freeze up, even thought i was booting off of the disc, I dont what is going on!?
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    Perhaps try updating the firmware of the SSD. You have to burn the firmware image to a CD or DVD and then boot from the CD. Use imgburn or CDBurnerXP. They released these drives with release candidate firmware and this is a known issue.

    You may need to RMA it. If you buy another, consider a reliable drive and avoid Sandforce 6gbps controllers for now. Try Intel 320/510 or Samsung 470 instead.
  5. so how would i know what firmware i am on if i cant get access to the drive at all on the computer
  6. The CD will update the to the latest release regardless of the current firmware version of the SSD, so don't worry about the current version. You just need a working computer to create the CD/USB Flash image.

    Just be sure to get the correct firmware for your model and capacity. You may need to remove the drive from the laptop to determine the model number if you don't know it. If you have a 13.3" screen or larger on your laptop, it is likely a 2.5" drive.
  7. So i tried to update the frimaware, and was able to do it successfully, but it didnt change the situation. Any other ideas?
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