OCZ PS3-10666 platinum edition cant get 1333 it run as 1066

I using gigabyte H55M-USB3 motherboard and i3-530 and OCZ PS3-10666 platinum edition.
In the website it say able to run as 1333, 1.8V but now the bios screen show is 1066 and run at 1.56V.
and the timing is 7-7-7-20.

How i can get 1333??
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    Do NOT run the ram at 1.8V, that could permanently damage your CPU. The maximum Intel recommends is 1.65V. Additionally, I doubt you will see much difference between 1333 and 1066. Try to tighten the timings a bit and leave it at the lower speed.
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  3. Also, if you want to stress test various ram settings, I'd highly suggest memtest86+ 4 (bootable on a flash drive or CD) and Prime95 (windows program).
  4. You will see no real gains in-game using faster RAM.

    Toms Hardware did an article a while ago showing less than 1% difference between slower RAM, Faster RAM, and higher clocks.

    My recommendation for ANY new Core-i7 system is to just purchase the 1.5V 12GB RAM kit from Corsair. It is 1066, but it runs perfectly and is stable with zero risk to your processor.

    While Intel recommends nothing passed 1.65V, I do not recommend anything beyond the 1.5V to protect the on-dye memory controller.

    What is the point of making a fast system if it doesn't last.
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