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specs: intel core2 duo e6600 2.4ghz, 8gb ddr2 800 ram, intel d975xbx mobo, bus speed 266, fsb 1066

ok so stock ram speed is 400(ie 800). lets say i lower the ram speed to say 266.5 (ie 533) so it will be in a 1:1 ratio with the bus speed. then i overclock the fsb by 50% (the board only lets you raise by percentages not actual numbers) to 1600. the memory would then be at 400 mhz agian, and the processor speed would be at 3.6 ghz. I guess my question is: is it always best to have memory and cpu speed in a 1:1 ratio?

i wasnt able to actually get to 3.6 ghz becuase the mobo wont let me change cpu core voltage, but in theory this would be the ideal settings no? In other words what is the advantage/disadvantage of having a cpu:ram ratio not 1:1? <---------- this is not my computer and the person isnt going to buy any newer/much better hardware.

thanks for any answers or links to answers
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  1. ok to explain my question better: i was able to get computer stable at 25% increase. cpu 3 ghz, fsb 1333, bus 333.5, memory 333.5. So in this setup cpu:memory is 1 to 1. in order to get memory to 333.5 i had to set memory to 533 (real speed 266) in bios.

    i guess my main question is should i change the memory speed to 667 and set fsb to 1280 (20% stock increase) so bus speed would be 320 and memory speed would be 400. this would give a ratio of 4:5.

    i have a feeling i just need to benchmark, but wanted to get second opinoin as im relatively new to oc'ing
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