Athlon cpu upgrade problem.... Help me!

I decided to upgrade my parents old comp just for fun but has now turned into an exercise in frustration. The comp was running a tyan trinity KT-A mobo with an Athlon 1000 cpu and 1.5 gb ram @133hz. So i looked around on the internet and tyan support pages and came up with the best cpu i can put in that mobo is a athlon xp 1700+. I flashed the latest bios i could find which was v1.13 this, worked fine and booted up properly with the old cpu. So i swapped the jumpers to make the fsb 133 and through in the 1700+, The comp recognizes the cpu and i can enter the bios, but unfortunately when it starts to load windows i get BSOD, Stating Bad_System_Config_info, or Config_Initilization_Failed. I saw somewhere that it could be a memory issue but the mem has been running at 133 and i got no errors in memtest. Any suggestions?
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  1. get a new pc
  2. I have a new Pc, i just built an i7 rig a couple months ago. Was just doin this for fun but now has become a mission to get it to work.
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