New custom built system not working with ATI 5870, please help

Dear all,

I have just received delivery of a new i7 920 computer today with XfX 5870 graphics card after a long wait. Unfortunately when it was delivered to me today, I turned it on to find that I got no picture on my monitor (I tried two monitors - they say powersaving mode when I turn the computer on).

I rang the company I ordered from and they told me to open the system up and disconnect the graphics card and simply plug it back in as it may have come loose during delivery. I did as they said but still I get no picture after plugging it back in. The fan spins on the graphics card so power is definitely going into it. It's plugged into the card slot nearest the cpu (not sure if it makes a difference).

I have tried both a hdmi cable and a dvi so not the cables fault. The motherboard is a Gigabyte X58 UD3R, 6Gb ram with a Corsair 650W power supply all put together by this company. Returning it is going to be a pain as they don't tell you the time of collection (and I've already waited in for 2days for the delivery van to finally show up) and it will be hard to be here when its will be returned (can't get time off work). Does anybody have any idea what the problem might be and if there is anything I can do to try to fix it myself?

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  1. As a system builder I can sympathize with both you and the builder....I don't know how many computers I've had screwed up in shipping. But here is a quick trouble shooting list you can go through.

    1) Double check sure you are using the DVI 1 connection, and that the power to the monitor is turned on before you start the the computer and make sure all the cables are still connected. Make sure the power cable(s) is going to the video card, and the sata cables are firmly in place on the hdd and MB. Also, while you have the case open, check for signs of physical damage around the cpu and gpu. Heavy heatsinks and gpus can crack or pull away from the MB, taking the cpu or pci-e socket with them.

    2) If you find no obvious reasons for the problem, remove all the memory, then reseat one Dimm in slot one, then reboot. If you get a signal, then go ahead and insert the rest....if no signal, then use a different module in slot one.

    3) I'm not familiar with that MB, but in some cases you can reset the jumpers or press a switch to reset the cmos. Of course, if you do this you will lose any tweaked bios settings.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I had a go and could find no damage or unplugged sockets. That has me slightly worried. I tried it on two monitors and it doesn't work on either. I just can't understand if nothing is damaged and everything is connected properly, how could I have no picture. One more thing - when I turn it on it doesn't 'beep' like I believe it should - does this signal anything?

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