Ga-p55-ud5 vs p55-gd-80

ive been thinkin about a new build and im stuck on the mobo i would like to have a nice cpu power dilivery couse ill have my i5 OCed for like over a year ill be going crossfire in the future and these are the mobos ive been reserching ovisley ill be in the bios so i like how msi has a clear cmos button also it has the OC genie button witch is cool i like the gigabyte board becouse it has a 12 phase power and there bios is setup nice thats about all i would like to hear what you think
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  1. MSI i think it is much opinion.
  2. anyone else
  3. bump
  4. You can get the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD5 for the USB 3.0
  5. if you want the usb 3.0 and msi get the p55 gd85
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