Please help ex-mac user with i7 build !

Hi All!
Macbook broke so looking for parts for a new i7 PC with $2000 AUS to spend at most. Want to order by tomorrow, already selected parts but i need some advice from experienced people to seee if i have made any errors or any improvements can be made. I am just going off other peoples systems which seem siilar to my needs... anyway here is what i am thinking of currently...

already have keyboard but if someone can suggest a mouse that would be great!

thankyou for reading !

MB Asus P6T LGA1366 X58 $288
CPU Intel CORE i7 920 $349
GPU Gigabyte ATI HD5850 1GB $388
RAM OCZ 6G(3x2G) DDR3 1600MHz PC12800 Platinum 3P1600LV6GK $229
HDD WD Caviar Black 500GB $75
CASE CoolerMaster Centurion RC335 Elite Black HD Audio NO PSU $55
PSU Vantec ION2 520W Ultra Quite $65
COOLING CoolerMaster Case Fan 12CM Black $7
DISPLAY Samsung P2350 23" W Rose Black 2ms DVI VGA DVI-D Tilt $289

TOTAL $1,795
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  1. It does not look like your PSU choice matches the quality of the other parts.
    2yr warranty says 'cheap' to me.
  2. Definitely change out that power supply for a Corsair, Seasonic, Antec or other quality brand. Also the WD Caviar black 640gb is a newer model, so I'd step up to that, or grab a Samsung Spinpoint 500gb (cheaper option) instead.
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