I5 2500k 4.5ghz @ 1.37v. Help needed.

Dear community,

Hi again. I've been trying to OC my new i5 2500k and after some reading and trial I managed to OC it to 4.5ghz with manual voltage @ 1.37v 24 hours stable, with temps hovering for most of the time in the mid 50s and only occasionally one core going momentarily to 62C. Below you will find my settings:

my setup is:
i5 2500k (batch 3130B112) + NH-D14
Asus P8P67 Pro
2 x 2GB Corsair Dominator Ram 9-9-9-24 1600Mhz
GTX 470 SLI (1x Zotac Amp II edition + 1x Msi twin Frozr II)
Corsair 1000HX PSU
Crucial C300 64GB SSD

Here are my questions:

1: what can I do to try to drop the voltage? I've tried 1.35v but it BSODs in 4+ hours prime. Tried 1.36v, but it BSODs in 8+ hours. 1.370-1.375 seem to give me a BSOD-free 24-hour Prime95.

2: If I assume that me cpu needs this amount of voltage and I cannot drop it lower, then what kind of settings do you suggest me in order to set it to OFFSET voltage in order for my voltage to hover between 1.368-1.384, that my cpu needs in full load according to my stability tests with MANUAL voltage? I am thinking that if I cannot manage to drop the voltage, at least I should use offset voltage, which drops down the voltage in low cpu load.

3: I haven't installed a fresh win 7 after I swapped my previous motherboard+cpu (P6X58D-E+i7 950) for the i5 2500k+p8p67 pro. All my BSODs are 124. Is it possible that they might be caused by the OS? I thought that since the increase of voltage eliminated the BSOD, that wouldn't be the case. Also I memtest'ed my RAM for 6 hours+ and no problem there either.

4: I have 2 spare p8p67 pro motherboards lying around. Is it a good idea to test the other mobos with my cpu in case I can get better voltages for my OC? Is it possible that the current mobo is a bad OCer?

5: If I decide to try my luck with a new CPU, do you suggest me to try the current cpu with the other 2 mobos first?

Thanks for your time reading and kind regards.
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  1. 1. Yeah vcore is a little high, mine is at 4.5 GHz 1.28 vcore, using offset -0.055 LLC level 3(middle setting) on my Asrock board. Your temps look pretty good though, similar to mine. Not sure what else you could do except play with the other voltages, but im not knowledgable enough to know about that.

    2. Using offset to set voltage its really trial and error, it varies from board to board. Just record your manual stable vcore and start at a lower OC, say 4.2 and see how your voltages behave on auto and offset accordingly. I've heard that on idle voltages shouldnt go below 0.9 as well or it might be unstable, havent tested that, I leave mine on about 0.92-0.95 idle vcore.

    3. No idea. For my own OC, I had to drop my 2133 MHz CL9 corsair vengeance to 1600 MHz CL9 to remain stable on 4.5 GHz OC, but since you memtested it, it should be fine. Run blend test in Prime95 and see if any rounding errors occur, that usually indicates memory instability

    4. Possible.

    5. Better eliminate all possibilities before buying a new CPU no? :P

    Not the most experienced overclocker so see what others say
  2. Also, may be wrong but check your rated DRAM voltage and make sure its not 1.65v rated.

    One more thing is to manually set the turbo more power parameters, set long term to like 200W and short term to 230W (fairly arbitrary numbers). This just lets the processor draw more power if necessary, may help.
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