Pc shut down after 15 secs

I have an ASUS motherboard with AMIBIOS which is made by AMI/American megatrends which i didnt know till today...i turn on my pc and instead of booting normally it shows me the screen from bios where it checks all hardware automatically before loading windows an says system will shut down after 15 secs and i cannot do anything...
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  1. I`ve seen this problem before , and it turned out to be a deffect usb port (shorting the board) shutdown is a safety precoution.
    In my case it was one of the usb ports in front of my case, i unplugged the cable from the motherboard and everything worked fine.
  2. Thank you,you were right its exactly that thing :D i did it and everything works fine :D
  3. I'm having t
    he same problem but don't know where to unplug the motherboard on my pc. Can you help?
  4. Same problem, unplugging the usb did the trick, thanks!
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