1055t overclocking fail @4ghz

Hey guys, basically the crack is I just bought 16 gb 4x4gb sticks low profile 1.5v corsair vengeance 1600mhz to replace my corsair dominator CMP4GX3WM2B1600C8 2x2gb kit

My CPU is 1055t 0 stepping (120w)
And mobo is the Crosshair IV formula
I have 2 xfx 6870's in Xfire
And xfx pro 850w single rail (seasonic oem) Psu

Now to the problem for the past year I have been running 4.1ghz stable
With these settings :

CPU volt : 1.45 (please. Note that under prime the voltage goes up to 1.5)
Bus: 286
Dram :1520 MHz
NB: 2200mhz
NB/volt : 1.27v
Dram volt 1.65v .

Okay so I cleared the CMOS and popped in the new ram sticks
And booted checked they were working all clear.

Popped into bios disabled CnC,Turbo,C1E etc
And set up identical settings crashed.
I've managed a temp stable setting of 272 3.8 ghz 1440 MHz ram and identical settings to above running prime as we speak . Any advice on getting back to 4ghz ? Thanks guys in advance

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  1. Adding more RAM sticks will require a little more voltage. The RAM you bought is 1.5V, but you might need 1.6V to get 4 sticks running with an over clock.

    I'd normally say increase the IMC voltage a little, but AMD is a bit different. Might need to bump the NB voltage to 1.3.
  2. the ram is already at 1.65v

    but i shall bump up the NB to 1.3v see if it helps
  3. Is there a reason you went straight to 1.65V when it's rated at 1.5V? I mean, it shouldn't hurt it, but that's a pretty large jump.
  4. i put it at 1.65 because thats how i got to 3.8 stable haha

    i have tested out 1.3v on NB but Prime fails almost immediately but doesnt BS
  5. NB might need a little more juice.

    I'm surprised the DRAM would need .15V over stock, though. If it does, it does, but you might be able to reduce it. My RAM is rated at 1600mhz CL8 1.65V, and I use 4x2gb, and it needs about 1.675V to be stable at rated speeds... so it's not that big of an increase.
  6. i was surprised too tbh but what ever it needs it needs if i up the the NB more im kinda worried i might hit the thresh hold im not entire sure how much voltage it can take but its in the red at 1.3v maybe a slight bump in the ram voltage what ya think ?
  7. Eh yeah it's getting a bit iffy...

    You're certain the RAM is at stock settings? Like whatever it's rated timings and such? Maybe try relaxing the timings and see if you can get it stable that way.
  8. 9-9-9-25 are the the timings and 1.5v is the stock ram settings i have not touched the timings just the voltage. i just found a vid on youtube of some guy with an identical rig (almost) running stable at 4ghz so it can be done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLjaqNwG9K0
  9. i ended up just reverting back to my Dominator ram it may be only 4 gigs but it has tighter timings and overclocks like a dream also is faster in almost all the benchmarks i did at 4ghz vs a 3.8 ghz stable with 16gig of vengeance ram actually lost around 5fps in a couple of games. its a shame and a waste of 70 quid oh well live and learn.
  10. Damn, that sucks.

    That vengeance RAM shouldn't have such a problem, though. Hopefully you can return it...?
  11. yeh it does but happens. i dont think i can return it but hey maybe i can use em in the future for something oh well i guess i will ave to buy some dominator gt modules lol
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