Is my hard drive trying to tell me it is about to die?

I have been presented with a problem. After restarting my computer to complete and update of iTunes, I didn't make it past my BIOS. I got a message saying that my overclock failed and that I needed to load my defaults, which I had to do with my jumper.

After that, check disk wants to run. I allow it, but upon completion my screen just goes blank. When I skip it, I can usually load Windows and nothing seems to be wrong. Sometimes it doesn't make it and I just get a solid black screen. I thought that reformatting the drive might straighten out the problem, but my screen goes black before Windows has finished loading the installation files.

Is there something wrong with my drive, or do I have a totally different problem?
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  1. Doesn't seem like a drive problem.

    Check your overclock settings, especially the voltage and temps. In any event do not exceed the manufacturer's upper voltage limits.
  2. I reset all my settings and am not overclocking until I sort this out. My OC has been stable for almost a year with no problems until now. My temps and voltages stayed within limits.
  3. numerous programs are reporting various instances of corrupt files...
  4. Run an anti-virus scan. If that does not solve the problem consider repair of Windows 7
  5. Have you tried "System Restore" to reset the system to a previous known good date?

    If that does not solve the issues, do a re-install of the OS. I know that this is a lot of work and involves re-installation of all the programs.
  6. Well, its not the drive or anything on it. I removed the drive I was concerned about and tried installing Windows on an old drive I had lying around. This time it made it part way into the installation and the screen went black.
  7. Yeah, i tried system restore but it had no effect. I can't seem to do a fresh install on any drive. The screen goes blank before it completes.
  8. Remove all drives except the one on which you are trying to do a fresh install. Then install the OS.
  9. Yes, I've only been working with one drive at a time.
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  11. That is a good checklist. As it turns out, it was actually my video card that was the problem. I noticed the fan wasn't spinning and removed it and things seem fine. I'm not sure how a video card failure leads to corrupt files, but I just made it through a clean install of Windows and don't notice any problems.
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  13. Thank you!
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