Vista 32 high processor usage and choppy sound

I have spent hours searching google for a problem like im having but to no avail. Recently I started my pc and when i logged in I noticed that it was very sluggish, after trying to play any audio I also noticed that the sound is choppy, similar to the sound of a needle scratching over vinal. I have disabled almost all boot programs, have updated video drivers. When I look in task manager the cpu is at a constant 100% usage but no running processes are using that much, no where near that much infact. After the problem started I could fix it temporaraly by using system restore, which makes the system stable for about a week.

My System specs are:
AMD Phenom x2 9850
4 gigs of performance ram
Nvidia 9800 GT x2
Vista SP1
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  1. I forgot to mention I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 installed and updated which runs daily scans
  2. Why aren't you running SP 2? Try reinstalling your sound drivers to fix the audio thing.
  3. Had alot of issue's with SP2 on another PC so avoided it on this 1. As for the sound driver, I suspect the choopness is because of the cpu usage.
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