Graphics Card Bust?

Hey all! Nice to meet you :)

So, here's the problem I've been working on:
First of all here's my specs.

EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX
AMD CPU AM2 9750 Phenom 64 Quad Core
Asus motherboard M3A AM2+ AMD 770 SB600 DDR2 ATX
4gb ram

Right. Well I was gaming and my computer bluescreened with this:

Now, whenever I boot, there's artifacts on my windows boot screen:

I've also noticed small red lines in my bios as well.

Once I boot up, I get that windows boot screen with artifacts and then my pc bluescreens.
Sometimes though, I can boot into windows fine but once I run any gfx heavy programs such as a game (or even now... youtube via firefox...) the screen spazzes, looses connection to the monitor and crashes.
However, I did try some things.
I tried my graphics card on my friend's computer that had an 800W PSU which booted up with the artifacts, but then successfully loaded into windows (Where mine crashes)
I also tried another graphics card (geforce 9500) on my pc and it ran normally.

My voltages are all normal, however I did notice my Power Fan (PSU Fan?) was running lower than it should be. (1000 or so rpm)

So, what's going on! Need new graphics card? New PSU?
Hope you guys know what's going on, cos I don't!

Thanks a lot, look forward to hearing from. you.
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  1. That your friends system booted with those artifacts shows a card fault:

    It looks like a memory problem but could also be caused by a bad connection between the card/slot so try gently cleaning the connectons: Use a small piece of coarse cloth (like denim) moistened in pure alcohol to clean the card connectors but be careful, they can be easily stripped off, so go slowly and gently.
    If the system has several RAM modules, try running with just one at a time.
    If symptoms persist, RMA the card or do this:
  2. LOOks like the same thing i had except i had grabled leters in the boot up screen
    my moneys on .....memory on the gpu is dying time for the new 5870 card :)
  3. Thanks so much for the prompt response guys :)

    So where can I get some pure alcohol?

    I'll try the cleaning first and then i'll cook it as in the other thread. My friend has done the same thing to his ps3 3 times and it's worked, so I'll give it a shot.

    What's this about ram modules? Is this the ram on my mobo or graphics card?

  4. Also, if I were to put it in the oven, would I need to take fans off and re apply thermal paste?
  5. its the ram on the gpu
  6. like sirkillalot says, its the ram on the gpu...
    u can find pure alcohol at the drug store.
    if your problem still exist then it would be a good time to RMA it...
  7. Might as well go ahead and contact EVGA about a new card, I am afraid no amount of cleaning is going to fix your problem.
  8. I just did the oven method and it's working as new once again! I wonder how long it will last...

    Thanks guys!
  9. good to hear that. :)
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