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I have a XFX Double-D Radeon 6950 2gb. I would like to overclock it just a little bit and have it be stable. I could use some advice on this or stable settings. Right now, my High Performance GPU Settins are at 800MHz. It can go to 840MHz. The High Performance Memory Clock settings are at 1250MHz out of 1325MHz. I would like stable clocks so that it won't decrease the life span of the graphics card alot and not ruin my system. Please answer and Thanks.

I am using AMD Vision Engine Control Center to do this, if there is better please say so as well.
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  1. I would try using afterburner, download it here: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm

    Makes it pretty simple to OC
  2. you are going to have to make small increases and test them out for stability.
    I think I read that for every tick increase of your Core Clock, you increase 3-5 ticks in your memory clock (just as a general guideline)
    Furmark is a good test program. Watch for temps and artifacts after each increase.

  3. furmark is a gpu killer haha, better use 3dmark 11 or vantage to test stability
  4. as a guideline i have mine at 900 core and 5200 mem with 1150v
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